Ask The Doctor adding house call visits starting with Toronto

Ask the Doctor

Toronto and San Francisco-based ATD Health Network, which runs the popular medical question and answer platform Ask The Doctor, is adding on-demand doctor house calls to its list of services.

“Our medical Q & A platform receives thousands of questions everyday and we have seen a large request from our users for house call visits,” said, Prakash Chand, President and CEO of ATD Health Network Inc. “Our research has also found that sending doctors to infirm older patients houses, keeps patients out of the hospital and can drastically reduce medical costs. These were the two biggest factors for us to make the push to offer this service.”

The new service will kick off in Toronto, Canada this November, where OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) will cover 100% of the visits. From there, the company will be expanding into Boston in January of 2016 and then continuing its expansion into every major American city with plans of partnering with Medicare.

Ask The Doctor has more than 500,000 users and over 35,000 registered doctors. Users can ask a doctor personalized medical questions and connect with a general physician or specialist of their choice by phone, email, text chat or video chat.

Recently, the company has acquired India-based health platform Sehat.