HealthGrid unveils what it says is the industry’s first mHealth CRM


HealthGrid unveiled what it calls a “breakthrough mobile CRM platform” for patient engagement. The new offering will allow providers to connect and engage with patients across the care continuum anywhere, anytime, and on any device using HealthGrid’s multiple activation solutions.

Large health systems and providers using HealthGrid’s platform have experienced a 200% increase in patient engagement.As part of the same press release, the company is quoting some promising stats, claiming that large health systems and providers using the platform have experienced a 200% increase in patient engagement (compared to their traditional patient engagement tactics), 40% improvement in quality through closure of gaps in care, 20% reduction in administrative costs, and 20% in increased patient portion collections.

“As consumers are moving towards on-demand access, nothing is more important than enabling the immediacy, convenience, and connectivity of mobile technology to deliver actionable health information. We’ve found that less engagement is more, if you activate the patient with precise timing and context,” said Raj Toleti, co-founder of HealthGrid.

From pre-care notifications to point-of-care registration and post-care follow up, HealthGrid’s mobile CRM enables care teams to reach patients and their families with valuable health information, while patients can respond instantly with the touch of a fingertip. It is touted as the only CRM platform of its kind that allows providers to engage patients at any point in the care continuum using one mobile platform.