Cohero Health, ProCare Rx announce respiratory disease management partnership

Cohero Health smart inhalers

Cohero Health and ProCare Rx have announced a joint respiratory disease management offering, which combines Cohero’s connected health platform with ProCare Rx’s mail order pharmacy and medication management services, to increase medication adherence and prevent avoidable exacerbations.

This joint offering is deemed as the first and only respiratory disease management service to offer tracking of both controller and rescue medications, along with clinically accurate lung function measurement and medication delivery and management services.

The solution not only promises to improve patient outcomes but also to lower medical and pharmacy costs.In a statement, Cohero Health co-founder and COO Daniel Weinstein said that partnership represents an “unprecedented solution” to improve patient outcomes while lowering medical and pharmacy costs.

Cohero Health’s connected devices and mobile apps engage and empower COPD and asthma patients by measuring lung function, and tracking and improving medication adherence. The company’s proprietary platform comprises wireless medication inhaler sensors to track medication use; an FDA-cleared mobile spirometer to measure lung function; mobile apps to engage patients, generate custom reminders and reward compliance; and access to custom data via HIPAA-compliant servers to support robust patient monitoring.

Cohero Health has successfully deployed its platform at Mount Sinai Health System, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, and plans to announce more partnerships in the coming months. Early results have shown a 2.5 times increase in medication adherence over standard of care, and a 100% reduction in hospitalizations.

At the end of 2015, the company has raised $2 million to expand its platform.