Heal brings its on-demand doctor house calls to San Diego

Heal app

On-demand healthcare is surging in popularity with new services promising to deliver immediate help to patients in parts of the country. One such service, Heal, just announced expansion into San Diego, where it hopes to serve around 3.3 million local residents with its on-demand doctor house calls.

In San Diego, average wait times are nearly two and a half hours, and can often end up being twice that. On the other hand, a visit with a Heal doctor is initiated from a mobile app, and costs $99, or $20-$30 as an in-network co-pay. Also some services, such as an annual physical, is available without out-of-pocket costs. Heal is in-network with Anthem Blue Cross of California, Blue Shield of California and Cigna, under select insurance plans.

“Going to the doctor has become more of a hassle than a necessity for many, as long wait times, work obligations and busy lifestyles trump people’s willingness to seek out needed healthcare,” Dr. Renee Dua, co-founder of Heal, said in a statement. “Heal intimately understands this reality, and was designed to make quality healthcare easy for everyone to access, and delivered at a convenient time and place for the consumer.”

Heal’s mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices, allows users to book a doctor in under a minute. A licensed physician will then come directly to the user, wherever they are, fully equipped and enabled to treat more than just the issue at hand. The service is available seven days a week any time from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Beyond San Diego, Heal also covers Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

The company plans to expand to an additional 10-15 major metro markets this year.