OmSignal showing smart bra at CES


Canada-based OmSignal is going beyond smart shirts at this year’s CES, where it’s demoing the smart bra which would pick up the cues from the ladies’ whereabouts and turn that into actionable information the fairer sex could access on their phones and tablets.

OMbra will be available this spring for $149.Called OMbra, the smart piece of clothing is described as comfortable to wear, featuring adjustable straps on the shoulders and back, and can track women’s heart rate (including Heart Rate Variability – HRV), breathing rate, and calories burned, among other metrics. The data is recorded through a sensor-filled black box that snaps into the lower band of the bra, along the rib cage. From there, it is sent to OmSignal’s mobile app that displays the information gathered in an easy to grasp manner, and can also be used to measure distance, pace, breathing rhythm, and fatigue levels during running workouts.

The smart bra is a new category, hence OMbra doesn’t come in cheap. In fact, it has a price tag of $149, which is a lot of money, but then again, more affordable than the company’s compression shirt kits for men that start at around $275. And that’s how much OmSignal’s competitors Athos and Hexoskin are charging for their smart shirts as well.

OmSignal’s smart bra can last 10 workouts before needing a recharge and is even “splash proof,” so there’s no excuse not to work up a sweat. It is made from lightweight, stretchable fabric composed of a polyester, nylon and elastane blend; and is expected to ship in the spring.