Validic’s VitalSnap uses smartphone’s camera to capture data from non-connected devices

Validic VitalSnap

Even though we live in a connected world, a majority of medical devices still have limited or no digital connectivity, making it cumbersome to transfer the data collected to one’s health provider. This in turn makes it difficult for providers to make timely care decisions, which is especially concerning for patients suffering from chronic conditions.

Validic, which has developed a platform that connects to a number of health and fitness devices, is coming to the rescue with a new service that enables users to record health data from non-connected devices using their smartphone’s camera. Called VitalSnap, this patent-pending technology uses optical character recognition (OCR) to merge offline and online worlds, making it easier for patients and their providers to manage all of their data from a single (online) location.

VitalSnap does all the hard-work in the backend, making data input as easy as taking a photo.With VitalSnap, users will no longer have to manually input their data from one device to the other, or sync data with cables — Validic’s tech does all the hard-work in the backend, making data input as easy as taking a photo.

“Validic is working to connect to any health device on the market using a variety of technical solutions to ensure healthcare organizations, our clients, have access to the actionable data they need,” Ryan Beckland, CEO and co-founder of Validic, said in a statement. “We can’t improve care without critical patient data; this is the reality in healthcare right now. Access to real-time device readings allows caregivers to make quicker, better care decisions.”

VitalSnap enables hospitals, health systems, CROs, pharmaceutical companies, and payers to support connections to different device types while allowing patients to continue using familiar devices, resulting in increased engagement. The technology easily integrates into mobile apps to give healthcare organizations of all types the ability to gather insight from data-locked devices.

At launch, VitalSnap connect with 18 devices, expanding Validic’s network of integrations to 244.