Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Galvanize launch digital health accelerator in SF


Galvanize is teaming-up with Pfizer Consumer Healthcare (PCH) to launch health and wellness innovation program that will enable up to ten digital health startups to access Galvanize’s network of technical talent and investors.

The first cohort of companies will be jointly selected by the two parties for a six-month program beginning on March 7, 2016, that will be housed at Galvanize’s San Francisco campus. Companies specializing in the development of potential solutions for improved sleep, stress management, energy, aging and nutrition can sign-up until February 23, 2016.

Up to 10 startups will be selected for the six-month program, beginning March 7, 2016.“This program will provide an amazing environment for healthcare startups to grow and reach their full potential, and is proof of Galvanize’s ability to provide great technical talent and invaluable resources for founders,” Jim Deters, Galvanize CEO and co-founder, said in statement.

During the course of the program, companies will meet with the Galvanize team every week to connect with mentors, learn how to grow their business and get introductions to startup experts and investors within the broader Galvanize community. They will also be able to pitch their company’s projects to students from Galvanize Full Stack and Galvanize Data Science programs, making it easier to hire technical talent. In addition, participants will have access to mentoring and insights from Pfizer Consumer Healthcare that will help them develop and grow their companies.

Selected companies will be publicly announced in early March.