Adaptive Technologies gets significant investment from Queen City Angels


Adaptive Technologies, creator of MobileFit, has scored a “significant investment” from Queen City Angels (QCA) for its mobile platform that improves a fitness facility’s member acquisition, engagement and retention.

MobileFit includes four core solutions that work together to improve the member lifecycle from acquisition to long term retention. The platform is already in use in YMCAs in 32 states across the U.S. and the new funds will be used to ramp up sales and marketing efforts. Eventually, Adaptive plans to embed its technology in the 2,700 YMCAs and then to all fitness facilities. The company will also be working to expand and enhance its technology, brand awareness and create strategic partnerships in the fitness ecosystem.

“Most people joining a fitness facility have great intentions but a large percentage lose their enthusiasm after just a few months. This is a huge revenue problem for the facility and a $6 Billion industry problem,” Bill Haman, investor lead for QCA, said in a statement. “In many situations, once a new member has taken a facility tour, they receive little further indoctrination and are left on their own to figure out how to get the most out of their membership investment… However, a MobileFit hand-off from membership to the coaching staff can make a big difference in a member’s continued enthusiasm and regular visits. In fact, YMCAs have seen a dramatic increase in retention by onboarding properly”.

Adaptive Technologies’ CEO Lance Perkins is also pleased with the deal. “QCA offers great programs to ensure that the entrepreneur has the critical tools needed for success,” he said. “We wanted to be sure that we were partnering with investors that had the intellectual capital of actually having been there and done this. This is the great value we saw in QCA.”