Philips introduces Aging Well Services for seniors

Philips RespondWell

Philips launched the Aging Well Services initiative to bring together sets of personalized services, solutions and content to guide and support seniors and their caregivers towards higher quality independent living. The company plans to deliver an integrated and personalized user experience, enabled by apps, connected devices and personalized health information. Also, Philips will be creating an ecosystem of partners to help bring the relevant innovations to market with tele-rehabilitation company RespondWell as its first member.

“Our goal is to empower them [seniors] with access to resources, support and services that will help them stay healthy and engaged in their own care, and connected to their communities and loved ones,” Kimberly O’Loughlin, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Philips Home Monitoring, said in a statement. “By partnering with innovative companies interested in improving the aging well experience, we will offer a broader portfolio of personalized services and solutions for seniors, caregivers and clinicians with the aim to improve outcomes, quality of life and reduce care costs.”

RespondWell, the first company to join the initiative, focuses on improving quality of life by speeding up rehabilitation with an innovative solution used in the convenience of the home. It uses an online gamified approach to rehabilitation with on-screen digital instructors and incentives to allow seniors who are recuperating from surgeries such as knee replacements or who are recovering from injuries due to falls to enjoy an adaptive experience to help track and accelerate rehabilitation. The company also allows caregivers and physicians to remotely monitor patient progress as they improve overall balance and strength from their own home, while potentially reducing the costs associated with care.

Philips Aging Well Services include Philips Lifeline medical alert services portfolio, medication management solutions, check in services, post-acute and long term care solutions and referrals to home health services.