EverlyWell gets $2.5M for its at-home lab testing service


Austin-based EverlyWell has raised $2.5 million seed round and announced the public beta launch of its at-home test kits.

The company has developed an e-commerce platform that enables customers to buy a variety of test kits online, collect their sample at home, and quickly get their results. EverlyWell will offer a suite tests with physician review that don’t require consumers to visit a lab or doctor’s office. At the moment, Food Sensitivity, Women’s Health and Hormones, and Elements kits are available for order.

“Diagnostic testing is a subpar experience for the individual,” Dr. Murdoc Khaleghi, EverlyWell’s Chief Medical Officer, said in a statement. “EverlyWell has developed an innovative platform that places the consumer at the center, empowering the individual to order, understand, and improve their own biomarkers.”

EverlyWell results are available in a few days through an easy-to-read digital interface with both infographics and descriptive information. Kit samples are collected via pinprick dried blood spot, saliva or urine. The company is partnering with several of the country’s most advanced CLIA-certified laboratories to conduct the test analyses and is working with a national physician network to authorize the test requisitions and review customer results.

EverlyWell has recently moved its corporate headquarters from Dallas to Austin, Texas to take advantage of the capital city’s growing life sciences industry.