Noble.MD gets $1.45M for its digital health risk assessment tools Theo

Developer of a patient health risk assessment service Noble.MD has raised $1.45 million from Safeguard Scientifics and BioAdvance to launch two new products. These products include a tool that would make it easier for patients to complete their Medicare Annual Wellness Visit, and another that aims to help providers operating under the Complete Joint Replacement payment bundle.

“We have been helping our clients build their patient-reported population health databases for years,” Noble.MD CEO Dr. Todd Johnson said in a statement. “Now we are using that expertise to help our clients directly and immediately enhance their revenue. Patient-reported data is the uncut diamond of healthcare – it is the key to prospective risk identification.”

Noble.MD’s existing product, called Theo, helps providers identify patient risk using resources beyond the EHR and claims data. Providers use this tool to learn about the patient’s knowledge and past behaviors, and when the assessment is over – Theo offers users an interactive video to learn more about a certain condition. Also, the tool asks the patient follow up questions to make sure they understood it.

Finally, with this information, doctor is able to enroll patients in health programs, provide them with a new prescription, or offer counseling.

[Via: mobihealthnews]