Select Garmin wearables now compatible with Strava Beacon feature

Strava Beacon

Strava is integrating the Beacon safety feature with Garmin’s LiveTrack, so that riders can send location updates to their safety contacts, TechCrunch is reporting.

The feature, available to Premium members with iOS and Android devices, is compatible with the following Garmin wearables: Edge 520, Edge 820, Edge 1000, Edge Explore 820, Forerunner 230, Forerunner 235, Forerunner 630, Forerunner 735XT, and Fenix 3. Interested users can set up Beacon with Garmin’s automatic LiveTrack sessions on Garmin Connect Mobile.

“We received a lot of positive feedback when we introduced Beacon this summer,” said Aaron Forth, Strava’s chief product officer. “We also had lots of athletes say they wanted to use Beacon with their Garmin devices. We’re happy to see that Beacon has become so valuable so quickly, and excited to extend Beacon’s safety benefits to Garmin athletes.”

The feature enables athletes (or just fitness enthusiasts) to select up to three safety contacts, who will receive a text message with a unique URL when the athlete begins an activity. Upon clicking that URL, safety contacts are able to track the athlete on a map in real time. Safety contacts do not need a Strava account in order to keep up with athlete’s whereabouts.

“Garmin and Strava have a great track record of working together to enhance the athlete experience,” said David Lorsch, vice president of business development at Strava. “We are excited to continue our partnership by working with Garmin to bring our Beacon safety feature to our mutual customers.”