RxWiki, TeleManager merge to create Digital Pharmacist

The new company has 55 employees and powers digital, communication, connectivity and adherence solutions for 5,500 pharmacy locations, national pharmacy wholesalers, hospital systems, and pharmaceutical brands. It will focus on three areas of importance to pharmacy: Digital Solutions, Communication Solutions, and Adherence & Clinical Solutions. Digital Pharmacist’s Adherence & Clinical Solutions are specifically designed to drive patient adherence and help pharmacies combat against escalating DIR fees.

Val Gurovich and Paul Kobylevsky, co-founders of TeleManager Technologies, will assume management roles in the newly combined company, reporting to Chris Loughlin, the company’s CEO. Mr. Kobylevsky will serve as President of the TeleManager Technologies, business (known as Digital Pharmacist Inc.’s Communication Solutions segment). Mr. Gurovich will serve in a broader capacity as the company’s Chief Architect.