This wearable can painlessly measure glucose and lactic acid levels


PKVitality used this year’s CES to show off its smartwatch-like device that doubles as a glucometer. Dubbed “K’Track”, it features a special sensor unit called the “K’apsul” consisting of an array of tiny micro-needles. These microneedles painlessly penetrate the topmost layer of skin and analyze the interstitial fluid. The medical version of the wearable, K’Track Glucose, monitors the user’s glucose levels, whereas the fitness version, called K’Track Athlete, measures the amount of lactic acid in the interstitial fluid.

Collected data is then synced with a companion app, on the iPhone or Android device, to deliver alerts, reminders and trends.

In order to start selling this device, PKVitality will first need to clear the regulatory hurdle. Once that part is done, the K’Track Glucose will retail for $149 and K’Track Athlete will retail for $199. Additional K’apsul sensor units, which can take unlimited measurements for 30 days, will retail for $99.

Cool stuff… And here’s the video to show how K’Track wearables work.