RegimenMD, SkyMD create an end-to-end, dermatology-specific telehealth solution

RegimenMD - skyMD

RegimenMD and SkyMD have established a strategic alliance to integrate their technologies and create what they say is the first end-to-end platform to blend telehealth, dispensing and patient education. As a result — the press release claims — both doctors and their patients will get an integrated telehealth experience that includes everything from online consultation, diagnosis, treatment, dispensing of skincare products and continuity of care.

SkyMD provides dermatology-specific telehealth technology services with its platform enabling patients to connect securely to a dermatologist from any smartphone, tablet or computer. The patient fills out a short questionnaire and snaps photos of their condition, allowing doctor to provide him/her with a personalized treatment plan. Prescriptions are digitally routed to the patient’s preferred pharmacy, follow up visits are scheduled through the app, and visit details are transferred to the doctor’s EHR. The SkyMD platform also enables doctors to easily triage patients into a secure video or voice call, or an in person visit if required.

On the other hand, RegimenMD offers a web-based solution for doctors to easily recommend, dispense, manage and educate patients about their skincare products and regimens through its proprietary Regimen Pro Network. The Regimen Pro Network also offers patients a “continuity of care” auto-refill program designed to improve compliance and outcomes. All transactions occur on the Network and all products are shipped fresh, directly from the manufacturer to the patient’s home. RegimenMD distributes 22 of the leading skin care brands sold by dermatologists.

The RegimenMD – SkyMD alliance empowers doctors to see patients on a more flexible schedule while at the same time offering them the leading doctor preferred skin care products. Through this new partnership, patients have the option to purchase recommended skincare products through the SkyMD app and have them shipped to their home via RegimenMD’s online dispensing network. If the dermatologist carries inventory of products within their practice, the SkyMD platform provides the doctor the option to dropship products directly to the patient.

“Through the use of emerging digital technologies doctors can now gain efficiencies, increase revenue, and extend a variety of services to patients beyond the office hours of the practice,” Les Riley, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of RegimenMD, said in a statement. “SkyMD and RegimenMD share this vision. Their technologies are complementary and add mutual value to all involved. Together, both companies gain significant strategic advantages that better serve our doctors and position us even more strongly against competition.”