Salesforce Health Cloud gets new features, partner apps

Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud got new capabilities, including Lead-to-Patient Conversion, Risk Stratification and Advanced Segmentation. Also, the company announced that its partners are extending Health Cloud with new solutions that will help providers better manage patients throughout their entire care journeys.

New capabilities include:

  • Lead-to-Patient Conversion – allows care coordinators to easily convert potential new patients into lasting relationships, each with their own care plans and care teams.
  • Risk Stratification – uses powerful analytics tools to help care coordinators identify and focus on patients with the highest risk factors.
  • Advanced Segmentation – allows care teams to filter their patient populations using clinical and non-clinical data, such as diagnoses and demographics, to create targeted approaches for outreach.

In the coming months, Salesforce partners will be bringing new applications to Health Cloud:

  • Fitango: Fitango’s Wellness Action Plans app will arm healthcare organizations with the ability to build stronger patient relationships with pre-built, interactive and customizable wellness plans for Health Cloud.
  • FormFast: FormFast’s Connect app will enable healthcare forms to be completed and signed electronically in Health Cloud, helping to engage patients, expedite care and increase efficiency for providers.
  • Healthwise: Healthwise for Care Coordination for use with Health Cloud connects the entire care team to evidence-based, easy-to-understand health education materials to efficiently provide patients the information they need to better manage their health.
  • higi: higi’s Population Screening app for Health Cloud provides healthcare organizations with health assessment data and cost-effective biometrics captured from screenings performed at higi stations located in pharmacies and grocery stores.
  • Interpreta: Interpreta will integrate member prioritization and automated assignment of clinical goals with real-time analytics within Health Cloud.
  • Kyruus: Kyruus’ ProviderMatch for Salesforce app will allow healthcare organizations to optimize the patient experience across all access channels through smart patient-provider matching and scheduling within Health Cloud.
  • myStrength: myStrength’s Digital Behavioral Health Resources app will provide evidence-based tools and activities for behavioral healthcare directly within Health Cloud, empowering consumers to be active participants in their journey to becoming and staying mentally and physically healthy.
  • Prophit Insight: Prophit Insight’s Physician Engage app uses analytics to help empower healthcare organizations to build stronger patient relationships and reduce network leakage in Health Cloud.
  • RELATIENT: RELATIENT’s RideToHealth app leverages a partnership with Uber to book and manage Uber rides to and from healthcare facilities directly within Health Cloud. In addition, they are bringing the Health Campaign Manager app to Health Cloud, which leverages integration with EHR systems to enable healthcare organizations to deliver timely health prompts to patients in a modern, mobile and conversational way.
  • Sirono: The Sirono app addresses frustrating patient payment processes, making it easier for hospitals to manage high volumes of transactions in Health Cloud.
  • Vocera: The Vocera Rounds app for Health Cloud will help hospitals manage the patient experience in real-time by making it easy for care teams to proactively address patient feedback, deploy improvement initiatives and recognize top performing staff.
  • VSee: VSee’s Clinic app will empower healthcare organizations to enhance the patient experience and manage their practices through HIPAA-compliant video conferencing, patient self-scheduling and a lightweight EHR for entering patient health records directly in Health Cloud.
  • xG Health: xG Health’s Intelligent Care Management app for Health Cloud will allow healthcare organizations to more effectively manage patients with chronic disease conditions through evidenced-based care management content and workflow tools.
  • Zynx Health: Zynx Health’s PointOfCare app for Health Cloud will manage patients across multiple care teams using evidence-based best practices to improve clinical and financial outcomes, decrease clinical variation and provide visibility into role-based interventions.

“Health Cloud’s new features and growing partner ecosystem solve an impressive and growing range of challenges, giving healthcare providers new tools to interact with their patients and provide them with connected experiences throughout their care journeys,” Dr. Joshua Newman, chief medical officer at Salesforce, said in a statement.