Owlet updates its smart sock for babies, announces the Connected Care platform

Baby sleeping with an Owlet sock

Utah-based Owlet has launched an improved smart sock for monitoring babies’ vitals. Unlike the original product, version 2 makes an even snugglier fit for your little one with a wrap-around design — so babies can’t easily kick it off. Also, the built-in sensor now has a slightly different place (to accommodate the new design), the firmware is improved and so is the accompanying smartphone app to deliver fewer false positives.

Owlet’s smart baby sock, which sells for $250, can track a baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels, and alert parents if something is wrong via a Bluetooth-connected smartphone app. The new version of the sock can be worn on either foot and has an updated soft fabric to allow babies to have breathable toes in all sock sizes.

In addition, the company has also announced the upcoming release of the Connected Care platform that can track more data from the Owlet Smart Sock than parents previously had. Once launched, it will allow parents to view trends and use the insights to be proactive about their infant’s health.

The beta version of the platform will be available this spring. Owlet’s vision is that with the Connected Care platform, parents and medical professionals may one day be able to identify patterns and trends in an infant’s vitals leading to early illness detection, as well as underlying health issues.

Last year, Owlet has managed to sell more than 80,000 of its smart socks. The date, the company has raised $25 million.