Apple glucose sensor tech in development?

Apple Watch HR sensor

Apple may be working to include glucose sensing technology to some future version of Apple Watch. According to a recent CNBC report, the Cupertino-based giant has hired a group of biomedical researchers to work on a secret project to monitor diabetic patients using sensors.

The group is said to be made up of Johny Srouji, Apple’s senior vice president of hardware technologies and possibly 30 other people, many of whom have came from a frenzy of hires Apple made from the biomedical field, including companies like ZONARE, Vital Connect, Sano and Medtronic.

Typically, patients with diabetes monitor their glucose by pricking themselves to get a blood sample. In contrast, what Apple and a few other companies — including Alphabet (Google) — are working on could be a game changer, enabling users to accomplish the same thing without a single drop of blood. This can reportedly be done using optical sensors that shine a light through the skin to measure glucose. Nevertheless, we still haven’t seen any such technology producing viable results for patients.

The same report indicates that Apple has been working on this for at least five years, and is now to the point where it’s ready to conduct feasibility trials. And as part of the upcoming launch process, the iPhone maker has already hired consultants to help it jump through the inevitable regulatory hoops.

No one can’t confirm or deny a thing at the moment, and we’ll have to wait for at least another few months to hear anything about it from Cupertino. We’ll keep listening and get back to you as soon as we hear something new. Stay tuned…