Fit4D teams-up with Humana, Glooko to add health coaching support for diabetes patients

Fit4D certified diabetes educator

Diabetes patient support company Fit4D has announced two partnerships — one with Humana to provide its diabetes coaching tool to high-risk Medicare PPO members in North Florida; and the other one with Glooko – to provide contextualized lifestyle tracking.

Fit4D uses certified diabetes educators (CDE) to reach users via phone calls, texts, emails and other mediums. According to the company’s CEO and founder David Weingard, it is this human touch that can make or break any digital intervention, especially with newly diagnosed patients who can be in a state of denial. Health coaches like those Fit4D employs can help build trust and a rapport with people, and help them not only come to terms with their condition but also manage it.

Glooko is working with Novo Nordisk to develop personalized digital diabetes management tools as well as with Roche on tools to support Roche’s devices. The addition of Fit4D could be a win-win for both parties, and ultimately for patients who will benefit from modern tools, medicine and human support.

Fit4D on its end also works with pharma companies, such as Sanofi, as well as other types of organizations like Weight Watchers and Acacia Network, a Latino accountable care organization.

For Humana members, Fit4D will be introduced via external outreach communication such as email as well as providers talking with patients about it.

Fit4D has a business-to-business-to-consumer model so physicians tend to be the ones that inform the patients about its service.