Litmus Health unveils a free version of its platform for academic researchers

Litmus Health

Academic studies and trials often run at smaller scales, but still generate enough data to make manual patient data collection and management efforts cumbersome. The fact that many of these studies are small doesn’t stop vendors from making them expensive.

Litmus Health is there to help, having made the core of its clinical data science platform free to academics for non-commercial studies and trials.

“Academic research paves the way to breakthroughs in industry and beyond,” Daphne Kis, co-founder and CEO of Litmus Health, said in a statement. “Researchers should spend less time collecting data and more time actually working with it.”

Litmus can be configured to match different study protocols, and can combine traditional validated surveys with patient-generated remote data streams. The free version includes up to 100 enrollments, up to 18 months of continuous usage, up to 1 terabyte of data storage, Litmus Trial Companion iOS and Android mobile apps, Litmus Survey Library, 200+ Litmus device and sensor integrations, and Litmus Study Hub dashboard and administrative tools. Also, there’s the option to add novel data sources and premium royalty-based instruments for a fee.

What’s not included are the company’s machine learning modules or workflows, which commercial clients use to align time series, interpolate and to look for correlations.

The Litmus platform meets the standards for collecting and storing data according to HIPAA regulations and is 21 CFR Part 11 compatible.

New research under the Litmus Free program will be on-boarded to the platform starting June 1.