Medable, Redox team-up to offer the fully-integrated medical research platform

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Medable and Redox are forming a strategic technology partnership to enable the use of EHR data to streamline mobile medical research.

The partnership will enable the first fully-integrated medical research platform between smartphones and EHRs. By combining Medable’s platform with Redox’s API services, clinical trial leaders and health researchers can integrate patient-generated health data into the electronic health record. The two companies’ cloud-based technologies are in use independently at more than 100 health systems across the United States, and with this deal — they hope to identify potential customers and deploy their technologies to enable fully-integrated mobile clinical trial and clinical research applications.

Medable’s Axon solution enables any clinical researcher to build a fully HIPAA-compliant mobile application for study participation, without a developer. This app then enables seamless patient data collection from the participant’s smartphone and other connected devices. From there, this data can be integrated in the EHR, to — among other things — enable Medable analytics capabilities.

“Healthcare researchers want to leverage mobile to provide connected care and continuous data collection,” Medable’s CEO Michelle Longmire, MD said in a statement. “It is important to maintain a source of record for every patient, and for patient generated data to really play a role in healthcare. We are excited to work with Redox to close the loop between mobile and the EMR both for the opportunity to provide better care and new insights from data.”

On the other hand, Redox provides a platform that facilitates the secure transfer of data between healthcare organization’s electronic health record systems and cloud-based technology providers. The company specializes in enabling modern technologies, like Medable, to easily integrate with legacy healthcare IT systems with a modern API.