Apple quietly acquires Beddit, maker of the sleep tracking tech


Apple has quietly acquired a sleep tracking hardware and software company Beddit, according to a CNBC report, which doesn’t say a thing about the terms of the deal.

No formal announcement was made, but Beddit’s privacy policy page has been tweaked to add that user information “will be collected, used and disclosed in accordance with the Apple Privacy Policy.”

Beddit is a Finland-based company, founded in 2007. During the years, it has raised around $3.5 million in funding, and its products were available in Apple stores since late 2015. It is our guess that during this period the iPhone maker had learned how popular Beddit’s device is and has decided to act on it.

Speaking of device, it is called Beddit 3 (version 3) and it’s thin strip of sensors made to be placed across a user’s bed to analyze sleep-related data such as “sleep time and efficiency, heart rate, respiration, temperature, movement, snoring, room temperature, and room humidity.” The device connects to a companion app and from there to a cloud-based service to help users get a better night sleep. It retails for about $150.

It is unclear what Apple will do about Beddit. Will it keep the brand and the product? Will we see an Apple-branded Beddit device? Or will Apple just use the sleep tracking and analyzing technology for its own device? Guess we’ll have to wait to find out. Stay tuned…