Mexican student invents cancer-detecting bra

Eva bra

Julian Rios Cantu is an 18-year-old Mexican student who, along with three of his friends, designed a smart bra called Eva that alerts wearers to possible early signs of cancer. The device uses two hundred small tactile biosensors that map the surface of the breast and monitor changes in texture, color and temperature.

“As soon as there is a malformation of the breast or a tumor, there is an excess of vascularization,” said Cantu. “The greater the flow of blood, the higher the temperature.”

User on its end only needs to wear the Eva bra between 60 to 90 minutes a week for it to compile useful information. This information is then routed to the connected phone or tablet via a companion app.

Cantu and his friends hopes that Eva will provide more accurate results than a breast self-exam and be less uncomfortable than a mammogram.

While the Eva bra is still in the prototype stage, it has already earned the top prize at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards, which were handed out in Frankfurt, Germany.

The team has found the company, called Higia Technologies, to commercialize Eva.