Pillsy unveils its smart pill bottle and mobile app

Pillsy combo pack

A company called Pillsy is launching what it says is the first smart pill bottle and mobile app that helps users take control of their health and the health of others. Expected to ship in early summer, the solution features modern design and “seamless user experience” to make sure users remember to take their vitamins and medication.

Pillsy connects to your phone using Bluetooth and senses when the bottle is opened and closed. This information is synced to the companion app to automatically track usage and provide usage history when need. When a dose is forgotten, reminders are provided both via the bottle and your smartphone.

In addition, the solution will send alerts when you take multiple doses too quickly. Smart snoozing is also an option, and there’s a way to include the entire family into the medication tracking/adherence process.

“Non-adherence is not only dangerous, but also expensive,” Jeff LeBrun, Pillsy’s co-founder and CEO, said in a statement. “Non-adherence is costing the healthcare system about $300 billion in wasteful spending each year; if we could solve this problem it would be enough to cover the healthcare costs of about 30 million Americans.”

Pillsy has launched sales exclusively on its website with a 50% off early bird discount lasting until the end of the day on May 5th.

Although almost 70 percent of Americans have a prescription, about 50 percent of these people do not take their prescription medications as prescribed.