DexCom launches an API to make CGM data available to developers

Dexcom API

DexCom, which offers continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) solutions, announced the availability of a public API to allow third-party developers to connect patient-authorized CGM data into their apps. This approach, DexCom argues, is intended to enable a rich ecosystem of novel solutions and put the user in control of where and how they interact with their glucose data.

“In launching this developer platform, Dexcom combines our CGM data expertise with the creativity of the developer ecosystem to enable new solutions and business models in the treatment and management of diabetes,” Annika Jimenez, Senior Vice President of Data at Dexcom, said in a statement. “Dexcom believes in data mobility and customer choice. It also believes that the API opens up opportunities to drive Dexcom CGM data into the heart of new digital solutions for payers, providers, and most importantly people with diabetes.”

Continuous glucose monitoring allows people with diabetes to continuously track their blood glucose levels in real-time. Dexcom CGM systems provide dynamic glucose information every five minutes, which creates a continuous stream of glucose data that can be invaluable for individual and population diabetes management. And with an API, Dexcom is supporting a broad variety of new solutions and business models.

Interested developers in the US can register at DexCom’s website to access the API. Among those that have already did so are One Drop, Nutrino, Tidepool, Rimidi, Evidation, Ensa, and App Practice are already accessing the API for patient-approved CGM data retrieval.

Thanks to these integrations, clinicians can now view their diabetes patients’ glucose data on their smartphones, as part of their mobile practice patient care and billing workflows. On the other hand, patients are able to receive personalized insights gained from combining data from their diabetes devices, medical records, and other apps and wearables; also, they can explore how their food choices impact their glucose control and connect with and learn from coaches and diabetes peers in a data-driven community.

“Dexcom has always been a pioneer in diabetes technology,” Kevin Sayer, President and CEO of Dexcom, said in a statement. “Now we are extending our thought leadership into the data our device generates by enabling broad collaboration with digital health partners.”