Innovation Health, Sanofi tap One Drop and Gocap for a diabetes pilot program

One Drop diabetes management service

Innovation Health, which is a joint venture between Inova and Aetna, is teaming-up with Sanofi on a new pilot program for people living with Type 2 diabetes. Said program will work to study the impact of novel digital health solutions from One Drop and Gocap to help patient outcomes and medication adherence.

“Creating unique relationships and implementing innovative care solutions is part of Innovation Health’s DNA,” Innovation Health’s Chief Medical Officer and Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Dr. Sunil Budhrani, said in a statement. “As overall Type 2 diabetes diagnosis rates continue to rise, especially among children and teens, this pilot program will enable us to better understand, in adults 18 to 65 years old, how new technologies can help improve public health.”

The goal of the pilot program is for pharmaceutical companies, technology companies and plan providers to work more closely together to help improve patient outcomes. To that end, the program will utilize two digital health technologies:

First, it will use One Drop, an evidence-based, clinically effective diabetes self-management platform that includes a Bluetooth enabled blood glucose monitor, ADA-recognized diabetes coaching and education, and a mobile app.

And second, Common Sensing’s Gocap, which provides clinicians with real-life feedback on what people are doing with their insulin. The Gocap Clinical Dashboard highlights easy, high-value ways to connect with patients who are struggling with insulin use, and does so at the right time to adjust treatment strategies.

“We believe that combining innovative medicines with connected devices and solutions leads to better patient outcomes and an improved patient experience,” Vice President of Innovative Solutions, US DCV at Sanofi, Sebastien Coisne, said in a statement. “As innovative solutions come to market, we are very excited to work with Innovation Health on this pilot program and trust it will provide further insights to achieve that goal.”

The findings of the pilot will be analyzed to gain insights into potential best practices for industry arrangements and overall treatment of people living with diabetes. The pilot program will be facilitated by Innovation Health, Inova Health Systems and Healthagen, a division of Aetna.