Livongo acquires Diabeto to enable universal diabetes meter connectivity

Diabeto device and app

Developer of software solutions for people living with chronic conditions Livongo Health has acquired Diabeto, which enables connectivity to nearly all glucose meters available on the market today. Diabeto has developed a technology to make it easier for people with diabetes to upload their blood glucose readings into Diabeto enabled apps and to Livongo’s newly released iOS and Android apps.

One of Diabeto’s products, called Birdie, plugs into the serial port on over 40 popular glucose meters, enabling them with Bluetooth connectivity. The other product, Diabeto Red, connects to meters with existing infrared capability.

“We plan to price the Diabeto at less than half of what those solutions sell for today, making this option much more affordable,” Livongo CEO Glen Tullman said in a statement. “We believe Diabeto will enhance what is already the most comprehensive and effective diabetes care management solution on the market today.”

Diabeto will allow Livongo to capture data from other glucose meters and will make it more convenient for primary care physicians to treat patients with type 2 diabetes, who often are not under the regular care of an endocrinologist.

Diabeto launched its first major client in the US, Care Innovations, a leader in telehealth and remote care delivery, in mid-2016. It, and other customers, uses Diabeto devices and services to deliver integrated connectivity to their health system customers. Livongo’s digital platform for diabetes management has been implemented by over 200 leading Fortune 500 companies, innovative health systems, and the largest health plans and pharmacy benefit managers, with over 50,000 people with diabetes enrolled today.

Finally we have the words of Shreekant Pawar, CEO of Diabeto, who is also pleased with the deal. “If we want to really make life easier for people with diabetes, we have to reduce the hassles they face and make it less expensive for everyone to share information, which is the first step in getting better care,” he said, adding: “We’re excited to bring our connectivity solution and our customers into the Livongo family.”