Propeller Health unveils its very first API

Propeller Health API

Propeller Health launched its very first application programming interface (API) to provide local asthma conditions to anyone in the US who would like to share this insight with their audiences. The service, called Air by Propeller, is open and free to use.

Propeller has trained a machine-learning model on millions of days of anonymized data, including where and when people experience asthma symptoms and the environmental conditions at these times, to predict potential effects on people’s breathing. With the launch of Air, the company now enables third parties to use its local asthma condition calculations to improve the health of people with chronic respiratory disease.

To demonstrate the new capability, Propeller has organized a one-day hackathon in Wisconsin, and already some cool solutions were created with the API. They range from an email or text subscription, to Alexa and Google Home integration, IFTTT Applets, or an embeddable Air Widget for other websites — each of which notifies people of asthma conditions in their area. Propeller now hopes that Air tools will inspire others to build applications from Air API so more people can become aware of local asthma conditions.

“We’re excited to release the first version of Air by Propeller, a set of services designed to enable a larger audience to help people with asthma,” Greg Tracy, CTO of Propeller, said in a statement. “With the new infrastructure and services, people will be able to make use of Propeller’s analytics, which draw on the largest database of respiratory medication use, environmental exposures and conditions. We look forward to seeing how others build on this to change the experience of respiratory disease.”

This is just the beginning of Air, and another step in Propeller’s mission to maximize symptom-free days for people with asthma. The company will continue to roll out additional tools under Air in the coming months.