relaunches as an online mental healthcare service iOS app

It’s been awhile since we talked about The company has been busy revamping its business, and just the other day – it relaunched as a full-stack mental healthcare provider.

Originally, the San Francisco-based company sold its AI-enabled, passive monitoring technology to hospitals — and now it wants to make emotional and mental health support accessible to everyone through its nationwide medical practice. is a licensed health care provider with mission to connect people to its care team of trained health coaches, licensed therapists and board-certified psychiatrists. The company uses its patented AI technology to deliver a high-quality experience, tailored to the needs and goals of each member.

“Modern society has put a great strain on our emotional well-being. We’re connecting with people less and struggling to cope with numerous life stressors such as work, relationships, finances and family,” Anmol Madan, co-founder and CEO of, said in a statement. “Our core technology allows us to identify symptoms, direct people to the right type of care, personalize the experience, and map outcomes and progress. By bringing these two forces together, has built a model — from scratch — that is able to scale access to convenient, high-quality care and ultimately address this important need in our society.”

Every member has a dedicated care team that is kept up-to-date and works collaboratively to craft and execute a personalized plan. Using tools backed by machine learning, the team of dedicated coaches, therapists and psychiatrists identifies the most beneficial type of support and care for each individual.

First, however, members are assigned a personal coach to map goals, assess symptoms and share self-care content. Then, based on the support needed, members have access to therapists to deepen self-awareness and psychiatrists to manage and treat with the use of medication. The care is focused on building emotional resilience and strength, and evolves with members’ needs. offers support anytime, across the country. Its coaches are literally one-click away and provide in-the-moment, around-the-clock support — even on weekends and holidays — via text and video.

Finally, — as a tech-enabled company — likes to measure stuff. The included advanced data science helps the care teams track member progress and outcomes against their plan and goals so that their emotional well-being is taken care of — even when they’re not using the app.

“Within our system of care, information flows seamlessly between care providers and the AI-powered technology, fundamentally creating scalability and efficiency while most importantly improving the experience and outcomes for our members,” Karan Singh, co-founder of, said in a statement.’s mobile app can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android devices. The company’s partners include the nation’s largest health insurers, such as United and Optum, which offer as an in-network service. In addition, also works with more than 25 employers who offer the services to employees and dependents.