Propeller Health, Express Scripts team-up to improve health for people with asthma and COPD

Propeller Health

Propeller Health and Express Scripts announced a strategic partnership to provide Propeller’s FDA-cleared digital solution to Express Scripts members using inhaler sensors and a mobile app to manage asthma or COPD. This collaboration is the largest respiratory digital health deployment with a pharmacy benefit manager to date.

Propeller’s digital sensors enable remote monitoring for patients enrolled in Express Scripts’ Pulmonary Care Value Program (PCV), which combines specialized pulmonary pharmacist clinical support, patient engagement and quality-based pharmacy networks to improve patient care while lowering healthcare costs.

A Propeller digital sensor is attached to a patient’s inhaler from where it sends data to his or her smartphone, while the inhaler activity trends are reviewed by pulmonary pharmacists within Express Scripts’ Pulmonary Therapeutic Resource Center (TRC). When the Pulmonary TRC sees that a patient is overusing their rescue inhaler or is non-adherent with their controller medication, pulmonary pharmacists engage and perform counseling using patient-specific data.

On the other hand, patients themselves can use the Propeller mobile app to track their symptoms and triggers, monitor daily asthma condition forecasts and receive tips to encourage more effective self-management.

Express Scripts members who participated in an early-stage version of this solution saw an 80 percent reduction in average rescue events per day and a significant improvement in adherence to their asthma controller medication.

“Our vision is to help patients with asthma or COPD understand and proactively manage their condition, allowing them to breathe easier day in and day out. Propeller Health’s success in sensor technology empowers patients and enables our pulmonary pharmacists to provide the best care for patients,” Dr. Glen Stettin, Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer at Express Scripts, said in a statement.

Propeller co-founder and CEO, David Van Sickle is also pleased with the deal. “With data and guidance from Propeller, members can expect to improve self-management and to receive timely, supportive assistance from the clinical respiratory team at Express Scripts,” he said.