AliveCor’s 6-lead ECG reader coming soon

iPhone Six Lead EKG

One of the highlights of the new Apple Watch announcement was the wearable’s built-in electrocardiogram (ECG) reader; such capability is the first to come in a watch, smart or not, and is rather available via third party devices such as those made by AliveCor.

And obviously, the company had to react to the Watch Series 4 announcement, saying to TechCrunch that is working on a “never-before-seen” 6-lead ECG, pending FDA approval.

Care clinics regularly employ a 12-lead ECG readers, so AliveCor’s upcoming product will deliver more accurate results, with more sensors picking up more information. And more and better information could help save more lives.

So far AliveCor’s efforts were focused on detecting irregular heartbeats that could be caused by atrial fibrillation, and just recently – rare but dangerous blood condition called hyperkalemia. Both capabilities were cleared by the FDA.

With a 6-lead ECG reader, AliveCor could go beyond those two conditions and eventually be able to pick up about 100 different diseases, according to CEO Vic Gundotra. One of them is ST elevation, which could get a person on their way to the hospital before they start displaying other physical symptoms.

Six Lead EKG

The upcoming device has yet to get its name and the exact launch date. From what we’ve understood, AliveCor is looking to get an FDA clearance first and then launch the device for consumers by 2019.

Exciting times ahead; we’ll be watching this space and get back to you as soon as we have something new to add. Stay tuned…