Withings Steel HR Sport is a fancy hybrid watch with GPS, VO2 Max tracking

Withings Steel HR Sport

Nokia acquired Withings in 2016, only to change its mind two years later. And so Withings co-founder Eric Carreel decided to buy the company back with plans to revive the brand that is still very well known in the digital health space.

The first step for the brand revival has been made earlier this week with the announcement of the Withings Steel HR Sport, a fancy looking hybrid watch that packs a connected GPS feature, heart rate monitor (obviously) and VO2 Max tracking capability.

The device is actually a slightly revamped version of the existing Steel HR, with added accents to make it more appealing to the fitness-focused audience. Also, there is a new sub-dial that tracks the progress toward your daily step goal, and a tiny circular display showing basic information like the date, notifications, and the battery level. Plus, let’s not forget that connected GPS (it uses your phone’s GPS) that will let you map your routes on a map via the companion Health Mate app.

Like the original Steel HR, the Steel HR Sport is also water-resistant up to 50 meters, and will track your sleep as well as more than 30 different activities — ranging from walking and running to yoga, volleyball and skiing. The built-in battery will last for some 25 days and can be extended by another 20 days in a power reserve mode.

All in all, we like what Withings did with the Steel HR Sport. It’s a watch for the masses, especially those who don’t want to wear somewhat funky looking smartwatches but do want to know how their whereabouts and fitness activities affect their health. For them, this is one of the best options out there. It looks like a regular watch with a few added bells and whistles to make that tracking possible.

The Steel HR Sport is also a well-built device, the fact that should justify its somewhat steep price tag of $200. Is it worth it? We think – yes. What about you?