Livongo’s Applied Health Signals aims to reinvent the chronic-condition experience

Livongo - Applied Health Signals

Livongo announced what it says is a new category of technologies and capabilities, Applied Health Signals, that for the first time combines data science, behavior enablement, and clinical impact to reinvent the healthcare experience for people with chronic conditions.

“With approximately 135 million Americans suffering from at least one chronic condition and 75 percent of all healthcare spending relating to chronic conditions, our country simply can’t wait any longer,” Livongo CEO Glen Tullman said in a statement. “Today, we are introducing Applied Health Signals as a new market category that provides a new, personalized, information-rich experience that health consumers love, and that delivers sustainable clinical results at lower overall costs.”

The new category of Applied Health Signals is all about how companies like Livongo will gather substantial amounts of data, turn it into actionable, personalized information, and offer it to health consumers at just the right moment to drive measurable behavior change. The engine at the heart of this category is four pillars called AI+AI, which is the acronym for Aggregate, Interpret, Apply, and Iterate.

Livongo has built the technology and capability for all four pillars to deliver actionable, personalized, and timely insights, information, and nudges that are relevant and impactful for people with chronic conditions. Unlike many digital health companies that focus on a single condition, address one aspect of a problem, or deliver a narrow set of consumer applications, Livongo is unique because it excels at all four pillars of Applied Health Signals and applies a broad set of health signals across multiple conditions.