Philips taps DispatchHealth to provide seniors in Arizona U.S. with on-demand care at home

Philips - DispatchHealth partnership

Philips and provider of mobile urgent care DispatchHealth are joining forces on a pilot study to help enhance care for select Arizona members of Mercy Care. DispatchHealth supports seniors wishing to stay in their homes longer by providing preventative and proactive treatment where and when seniors need it to help avoid elevating health situations to costly emergency medical services (EMS) and to avoid unnecessary trips to emergency departments.

By activating this service with Philips Cares via the Philips Lifeline medical alert system, the pilot program aims to provide a seamless care experience for the aging population while also helping to reduce the volume of unnecessary hospital transports and admissions, driving significant cost savings and clinical outcomes for Mercy Care.

“Emergency department visits are often a quality-of-life tipping point for many seniors, as their ability to live independently often diminishes after a hospitalization,” Kevin Riddleberger, Chief Strategy Officer of DispatchHealth, said in a statement. “Together with Philips, we can discover opportunities to right-size care and treat medical conditions in the home without a trip to the hospital, delivering more appropriate utilization of resources and improved patient satisfaction.”

Philips enables point-of-care connectivity to DispatchHealth, allowing Mercy Care members to get the needed help quickly and easily upon pressing the Philips Lifeline personal alert button. Once contact is initiated, trained care specialists will provide access to care needed with Philips protocol services, including connecting the member to the DispatchHealth support center, who can then send a fully-equipped medical team to provide quality medical care for a wide range of common to complex injuries and illnesses.

The pilot program activates convenient, on-demand care in the home — with Dispatch Health providing emergency medicine, primary care and palliative care — at one-tenth of the medical cost of the average emergency room visit.

“Working with DispatchHealth, we’re able to leverage this network to provide seniors in Arizona with a medical team who is at-the-ready to deliver the right interventions at the right time, within the comfort of their home,” added Rip Martin, General Manager of Philips Aging & Caregiving.

The results of the pilot program, including overall cost and utilization of DispatchHealth services as initiated through Philips Lifeline, are expected in spring 2019.