Livongo integrates with Apple, Fitbit and Samsung smartwatches

Livongo integrates with leading smartwatches

Livongo, which develops digital tools for chronic condition management, has launched a bi-directional integration with the top smartwatches in the market — including leading models from Apple, Fitbit, and Samsung. Livongo Members can now connect their smartwatches to the Livongo mobile app to receive real-time Livongo notifications on the “surface” of their choice enabling Livongo to provide more timely and relevant information to Members and their care teams.

These new integrations allow Livongo to offer Members behavioral Health Nudges and health information directly to their smartwatch. In addition, Livongo now offers Members the ability to sync their steps data from their Apple, Fitbit, or Samsung smartwatches with their Livongo app. This data enables Livongo’s AI+AI engine to provide more personalized activity-related insights.

“Our smartwatch integration allows us to capture information from our Members, add it to our AI+AI engine, and return actionable, personalized, and timely information back to them,” Dr. Jennifer Schneider, M.D., M.S., President of Livongo, said in a statement. “By offering another way to access personalized health insights, we are able to more easily influence positive behavior change, which we know can lead to better health.”

Livongo’s smartwatch integration is the latest example of how the company is applying innovative technology to the Livongo Member experience. In February, Livongo announced that it will leverage Amazon Lex and Amazon Polly to power its voice-enabled cellular blood pressure monitoring system. Two months later, Livongo announced a collaboration with Amazon Alexa to offer its Members the ability to ask any of their Alexa-enabled devices to provide their blood glucose readings and health tips via the new HIPAA-compliant Livongo skill.