Abbott, Omada Health team-up to offer integrated digital health solution for people with type 2 diabetes

FreeStyle Libre

Abbott and Omada Health are teaming-up to integrate Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre system, a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology, with Omada Health’s pioneering digital care program, aiming to “create a new paradigm’ for people with Type 2 diabetes. More than 30 million Americans are living with diabetes — with roughly 95% of them living with Type 2 diabetes — and many are looking for simple ways to better manage their condition and overall health.

“The mission of Omada Health has always been to empower meaningful, sustainable behavior change for those individuals living with Type 2 diabetes and other chronic conditions,” Omada co-founder and CEO Sean Duffy said in a statement. “Partnering with Abbott to give individuals access to FreeStyle Libre as part of the Omada program will deliver a unique combination of personalized human coaching and technology-enabled care to support those goals.”

With a one-second scan using a smartphone over the FreeStyle Libre sensor worn on the back of the upper arm, users get real-time glucose readings every minute, historical trends and patterns, and arrows showing where glucose levels are going without having to fingerstick. The integrated solution with Omada will provide real-time glucose data and actionable information for participants to better manage their diabetes and guide personalized recommendations from their coaches.

Omada Health will offer the integrated solution to employers and health plans. People diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes who are eligible will be guided through a tailored experience that includes an online physician consultation, obtaining a prescription of Freestyle Libre and delivery of a welcome kit that includes the CGM system and a wireless scale.

Abbott and Omada Health’s integrated solution is powered by the companies’ proprietary algorithms and analytics and provides participants with personalized digital care, directly from their smartphones, to help better manage their diabetes. Participants will be able to track progress and receive proactive, tailored recommendations from their assigned certified diabetes educator (CDE) coaches through online chats in Omada’s app. The program also includes interactive educational lessons about diabetes, support from an online peer group and a tailored action plan to help the user build long-term healthy habits to achieve their goals.