Beddr launches precision sleep health solution for employers

Beddr SleepTuner

Beddr announced the launch of its personalized solution to identify and treat the root causes of chronic sleep issues, now available to employers. Building upon the public availability of its FDA-listed sleep wearable, the company has enhanced its offering with improved data and insights, an expert-led sleep coaching program and a nationwide network of sleep physicians to provide targeted treatment options proven to help employees improve their sleep health.

“A technology-only approach by itself is unlikely to deliver the target outcome for a broad population of people,” Michael Kisch, co-founder and CEO of Beddr, said in a statement. “Beddr is making sleep health more affordable and accessible by bringing the power of a sleep lab into the comfort of your home, combining clinical data and sleep science with guided behavioral change. Whether a person has insomnia, sleep apnea or poor sleep hygiene, Beddr can help people understand, improve and achieve their true sleep.”

First launched in October 2018, the SleepTuner is an FDA-listed, Class II medical device that empowers people to understand, improve and optimize their sleep health. The device is a postage-stamp-sized sensor that is worn on the forehead and collects clinical-grade data on key metrics like blood oxygen levels, stoppages in breathing, pulse, sleep position and time in bed, delivered via a mobile app. The Beddr app provides single night and multi-night data and trends that unveil opportunities to improve sleep quality. The SleepTuner has gone through multiple clinical studies and is generally available to the public.

Beddr also provides a four-week expert-led sleep coaching program that pairs each person with a trained sleep coach who provides personalized guidance to improve their sleep hygiene. Designed by experts in behavioral coaching, sleep and chronic conditions, Beddr’s coaching is designed to provide people with the foundation to build sustainable sleep habits. In weekly sessions, data from the SleepTuner and mobile app are reviewed by participants with coaches and used to create highly personalized “Sleep Improvement Action Plans,” designed to improve sleep routines, optimize sleep environment and serve as a gateway to medical experts that diagnose and manage sleep disorders. Through weekly sessions, educational content and assessments developed in partnership with sleep physicians and researchers, users can take clear steps in changing their unique behaviors that contribute to poor sleep.

Beddr’s nationwide telemedicine network of board-certified sleep physicians services people in all 50 U.S. states, making care more accessible to all geographies. These physicians are licensed to provide experts answers, virtual consults via phone or video, sleep disorder diagnosis and medical prescriptions. Participants receive direct referrals to a sleep physician in this network if their sleep data indicates they are at-risk for a serious medical condition like sleep apnea.

The Beddr program costs $349 per person, which includes the SleepTuner, mobile app and four weeks of expert-led coaching. At the conclusion of the four-week program, participants can continue working with a coach and further improve their sleep as part of a monthly subscription service. The program has the potential to save an employer up to $5,700 per employee per year in productivity improvements, lower healthcare costs and decreased accident rate. While Beddr’s solution is first being offered to employers, it will be available directly to consumers in the near future.