MassChallenge’s 2020 cohort includes 27 digital health startups

Beginning in January, the healthtech startups will have access to partners, a tailored curriculum and co-working space.

MassChallenge 2020

Next year, 27 digital health startups and 34 fintech startups will be incubated by the zero-equity accelerator – MassChallenge.

Beginning in January, the healthtech startups will have access to partners, a tailored curriculum and co-working space. At the end of the program, the healthtech startups will compete for more than $200,000 in zero-equity cash prizes.

2020 MassChallenge HealthTech Cohort includes the following companies:

Byteflies (Antwerp, Belgium) – a Belgian health tech startup that offers B2B services to enable lean wearable health development.

Cutii – Careclever (Roubaix, France) wishes to improve seniors’ daily lives through a robotic companion named Cutii.

Dock Health (Boston, MA) is a simple and powerful platform for secure task management, healthcare team collaboration & better patient care.

DynamiCare Health (Boston, MA) is a startup that focuses on monitoring and rewarding recovery from addiction.

EatWell Meal Kits (Brookline, MA) addresses food security and diet-related chronic conditions by making healthy eating easy with our affordable, nutritious meal kits.

Eleos (Boston, MA) is building a SaaS platform that provides mental health therapists with actionable data to drive treatment outcomes and reduce costs.

Embleema (New York, NY) lets patients with rare diseases own and share their data to disintermediate real-world evidence for clinical research.

Health Note (San Francisco, CA) auto documents medical notes. We capture patient’s data prior to their visit from our platform and populate a structured note.

ianacare (Boston, MA) is an AI-powered, personalized and interactive gateway to all non-clinical layers of home care guidance and caregiving support.

InfiniTeach (Chicago, IL) develops technology to change the lives of individuals with autism.

Karuna Health (San Francisco, CA) connects high-need patients and care teams over everyday channels to maximize access, boost staff productivity, and improve health.

Knot (Boston, MA) is developing a platform featuring effortless case logging for healthcare workers.

Limbix (Palo Alto, CA) creates digital therapeutics designed to treat the most common mental health disorders using mobile apps and VR.

Marigold Health (Boston, MA) is developing a platform that features text-based support groups and natural language processing to help patients with substance use conditions.

MedFlyt (Forrest Hills, NY) is an innovative tech app that helps caregivers address better care coordination, chronic disease management, patient access, and home care.

Moving Analytics (Los Angeles, CA) is developing Movn, a virtual cardiac rehab service for patients with cardiovascular disease.

NuEyes Technologies (Newport Beach, CA) is a veteran-owned technology company pioneering the adoption of smart glasses in the healthcare market.

Ompractice (Springfield, MA) is the leading online platform for live, interactive yoga and meditation classes that can be taken from anywhere.

Posh (Boston, MA) is a conversational AI platform company out of MIT that powers human-like bots to automate routine and enterprise communications tasks.

Sana Health (Boulder, CO) is building a non-drug pain management platform to help reduce the opioid crisis.

Savvy Cooperative (New York, NY) is the first and only patient-owned co-op that helps companies get the patient insights they need to build better innovations.

Tembo.Health (Manhasset, NY) is a telemedicine practice that provides patients in nursing homes with care in hard to access specialties like psychiatry and cardiology.

Think and Zoom (Austin, TX) is focused on creating a world where visual impairment no longer steals dreams or kills careers.

UDoTest (Boston, MA) is a B2B, at-home disease testing, SaaS platform for insurers and laboratories.

Vyasa Analytics (Newburyport, MA) specializes in the provision of highly scalable, deep learning, AI solutions and software for data analytics.

Walk with Path (London, United Kingdom) works to improve mobility and reduce the risk of falls through wearables and analytics.

Working Well (Boston, MA) has developed a mobile app that helps users with mental illness develop skills and establish routines that contribute to success at work.