Deloitte launches new home monitoring tool

Leveraging ConvergeHEALTH's Connected Patient Hub, MyPath for Hospital in Home is designed to enable inpatient treatment at home.

Deloitte scheme

Deloitte is expanding into hospital care in the home by utilizing ConvergeHEALTH’s MyPath platform, an ecosystem of third-party technologies and its professional services capabilities to enable health systems to integrate physical and digital delivery modalities to create a differentiated, patient-centric experience.

The solution aims to redefine how patients can receive hospital-level care at home. In that sense, the MyPath for Hospital in Home solution:

  • Enables 24/7 patient monitoring + care through synchronous and asynchronous in-home virtual interactions with care team members.
  • Leverages purpose-built, real-time, HIPAA-/GDPR-capable technologies which are capable of documenting inpatient level care.
  • Enables comprehensive specialist coverage of complex patients via virtual health under a range of care models.
  • Leverages higher-skilled clinicians trained in providing acute care to complex patients, including operating sophisticated hospital equipment and administering acute care services.
  • Leverages modular, cloud-based architecture allowing integration with existing EHRs, MHRs, and ERP systems.
Why does it matter?

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, health providers, health plans, governments, and patients have been forced to abandon long-held beliefs that obstructed the widespread adoption of virtual and digital health technologies. For example, that the patient/physician interaction must occur in person to be effective or that older patients will struggle with virtual/digital technologies and the experience will be diluted. Now in the new normal that the pandemic has created, organizations can embrace virtual and digital health technologies and move confidently toward the future of health.

With MyPath for Hospital in Home, virtual and digital technologies can be used to offer hospital care in the comfort of patients’ homes providing value for every constituency.

For the patient, it enhances the experience of receiving care from the comfort of home and enables better outcomes with care delivered by the patient’s own care community (versus transfer to a skilled nursing facility for example).

On the other hand, for the clinician, it helps maintain a personal touch through streamlined virtual technology and helps increase job satisfaction by working to the top of license.

Finally, for health systems, MyPath for Hospital in Home can decrease costs by reducing length of stay (LOS) and diversify revenue by providing care in a new setting, enabling more acutely ill patients to be served inpatient.

How does it work?

Built on HIPAA- and GDPR-capable technologies, MyPath for Connected Care serves as the technical backbone of the MyPath for Hospital in Home solution, pulling data from remote monitoring devices in the patients’ homes, powering virtual visits, providing command center dashboards within the hospital, and enabling the data integration and analytics which bring it all together.

A “digital Rx” kit and care management application will be provided to the patients admitted to the program, helping ensure the installation and availability of the necessary equipment for in-home monitoring with alerts creating a seamless, virtual connection to the care team.

This enables providers and the clinical workforce to have the opportunity to work at the top of their license, interacting with their patients through real-time, virtual visits and communication, utilizing flexible care pathways, improving provider satisfaction and decreasing clinician burnout.

Supported by a cognitive analytics engine, the MyPath for Hospital in Home solution provides the ability to drive insight into strategy and governance, workforce engagement, and a dynamic supply chain solution to best position health care providers in their market.

On the record

“MyPath for Hospital in Home delivers value for all facets of the health care ecosystem. It enables an improved patient experience with better outcomes which enhances reputation and can make patients happier. It can help improve cost structure by reducing length of stay, decreasing utilization of capital infrastructure, and delivering better workforce utilization,” said Ken Abrams, MD, managing director, Deloitte Consulting LLP and Deloitte chief medical officer. “Additionally, as care is increasingly moved out of the acute setting, MyPath for Hospital in Home provides another option for diversifying revenue. With MyPath for Hospital in Home health systems and providers have the opportunity to integrate physical and digital delivery modalities to create a differentiated, patient-centric experience.”