10 promising digital therapeutics

digital therapeutics

Today, we are witnessing an upsurge in health concerns. More than half of the population has diabetes, fluctuating blood pressure, and mental health issues. These rising health problems are increasing the need for health services. However, with aging baby boomers and the on-going pandemic, health providers cannot cater to these health issues. Fortunately, the emerging technology trends are abating the burden from health workers.

The healthcare industry is leveraging artificial and machine learning to create value-based health models.

Have you heard of digital therapeutics? It is a new class of medicine, delivering evidence-based therapies through digital applications and software programs. In addition to curing minor health problems, it holds the power to treat chronic conditions — comprising of sensors that can detect and identify the underlying health problems.

Moreover, digital endpoints and biomarkers measure health outcomes through wearable devices – fitness bands. Digital therapeutics also identify behavior and physical wellness changes to inform the practitioners about the patient’s progress.

Are you familiar with any digital therapeutic companies or startups? Here we are unfolding the ten most promising companies offering digital therapeutics.

Omada Health
In the hustle-bustle of life, having a healthy lifestyle is quite challenging. Some people don’t have to cook healthy food, while others can’t push themselves to workout. Surprisingly, Omada Health is providing the perfect solution for such people. It empowers individuals to achieve health goals by encouraging them to switch to a sustainable lifestyle. Alongside clinicians, patients get assistance from family nurse practitioners (FPNS). It is a comprehensive digital care forum treating hypertension, diabetes, muscle pains, etc. Moreover, FNPS also initiate coaching programs that can improve behavioral health.

Click Therapeutics
Click therapeutic is a tool for people with unmet medical needs. It uses cognitive and neurobehavioral mechanisms to devise biomedical treatments, offering medical treatments for multiple therapeutic areas — including chronic back pain, insomnia, migraine, etc. Are you wondering how? After the patient enlists the problem, it develops prescription software that works independently to treat the disease.

BehaVR – Addiction Therapy
Undoubtedly, life is full of ups and downs, where everyone is fighting their battles. Instead of diseases and infection, some people fall victim to drug abuse and addiction. Although rehabilitation centers seem the only way out, it can take a lot of time. Digital therapeutic solutions like BehaVR serve the same purpose but virtually. It provides timely motivation and behavioral therapy that can significantly reduce the relapse time. Furthermore, it offers virtual reality (VR) experience, helping with emotional regulation and stress resilience techniques.

Kelvi – Athletic Injury Management
Injuries tend to be inevitable in sports. Usually, the injuries are minor, and an ice pack is enough to cure. Still, at times, athletes tend to underestimate them. You never know when a sprain turns into a potential fracture. Kelvi provides digital therapy for athletes, offering thermotherapy and cryotherapy for athletic recovery. It monitors skin temperature and automatically applies heating and cooling to give a therapeutic effect. Similarly, it provides measurable metrics to examine injuries and increase compliance.

Mood Hacker
With skyrocketing depression rates, this digital therapeutic tool is focusing on mental wellbeing. It uses positive psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to reduce depression symptoms. Likewise, it encourages self-management through a practical approach. Firstly, the tool emphasizes healthy habits that promote nutritional diet, physical activity, social support, etc. It also asks users to rate their mood on a scale from 1-10. If the patient’s level is below five, it recommends mood-boosting activities and records which ones make you feel better.

In the 21st century, 8.4% of children and 7.7% of adults have asthma in America. In this fight for managing asthma, researchers have come up with AsthmaMD to help patients in need. It tracks the severity of asthma attacks, triggers, time, date, and location, allowing researchers to find correlations. Moreover, it customizes medications and prevention techniques for every individual user. For instance, if a high-stress situation triggers an asthma attack, the therapeutic tool teaches stress-management strategies. In case asthma attacks get severe, it sends your asthma log and peak flow chart to physicians.

Bold Health
These days, many people suffer from chronic digestive problems because of poor mental wellbeing. A bold heath is a therapeutic tool that improves a patient’s health through CBT. It is on a mission to revolutionize patient experience without exhausting resources. Simultaneously, it educates patients through informative content to overcome daily health challenges. Bold health is also evolving with changing technology to tailor treatments and meet the needs of users. After all, it is necessary to ensure that products and services are up to date and effective.

Wellthy Therapeutics
Wellthy combines clinical and behavioral science with technology; it captures patient data from connected devices and offers self-management therapy. The solution comprises a progress tracking dashboard with electronic reports that assist in clinical decisions. In case the patient is unwell, the clinicians can intervene and make inclusions in the treatment. Since some patients need extra support, this tool offers paramedic – expert support and personalized guidance to accomplish health goals.

Happify Health
As the name suggests, this digital therapy is adopting new approaches to improve mental health and make people happy. It thoroughly analyzes the behavioral patterns of digital consumers. These are built after years of testing and optimization to ensure credible results. It engages the user through its fun and convenient interface while providing consistent support on their health issues. Moreover, Happify can detect and reduce depressive symptoms and anxiety in individuals through mental health programs. Thus, delivering a meaningful experience to establish a healthier lifestyle.

Better Therapeutics
Better Therapeutics treats blood sugar, type II diabetes, heart diseases, and other diseases. In addition to curing the problems, it delves into the causes and effects of the disease. Firstly, it provides digital prescription therapy under the supervision of a physician. After this, patients undergo behavioral therapy, targeting the emotional patterns and cognitive structures. It unfolds eating behaviors that play a significant role in devising treatment plans. After all, it can help in controlling cardiometabolic risk factors and curing health problems.

Final Thoughts

Digital therapeutics is changing the healthcare value chain. More people will switch to digital treatments in the coming years as they are more accessible and cost-effective. Similarly, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers are also benefiting from digital therapeutics. It gives them access to real-time data, helping them commercialize new products and programs. Thus, we would be witnessing accelerating growth in this health field.