Pear Therapeutics publishes real-world utilization data for reSET-O

Near-term reductions in medical costs after prescription of reSET-O exceeded the amount needed to offset the cost of the product.

reSET-O dashboard

Pear Therapeutics announced the publication of real-world data analyzing healthcare resource utilization for reSET-O, the first and only FDA-authorized Prescription Digital Therapeutic (PDT) for the treatment of opioid use disorder (OUD), in the peer-reviewed journal Expert Review of Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research.

The study provides real-world evidence of the economic value of reSET-O. The new real-world data showed a robust decrease in costly healthcare utilization categories in patients with OUD. These results indicate a strong potential for the cost effectiveness of reSET-O in real-world care settings.

The study

In the study, retrospective real-world claims analysis evaluated healthcare resource utilization up to six months after reSET-O initiation. reSET-O use was associated with fewer inpatient, intensive care unit, emergency department, and other clinical encounters, lowering net healthcare costs over six months. Decreased healthcare utilization reduced overall healthcare spend by $2,150 per patient.

Study results for real-world reduction in healthcare resource utilization following treatment of opioid use disorder with reSET-O, a novel prescription digital therapeutic:

  • Among 351 patients (mean age 37; 59.5% female; 82.6% Medicaid), there were 228 pre-index (i.e., six months pre-reSET-O initiation) and 153 post-index (i.e., six months post-reSET-O initiation) unique hospital-related visits in this population (pre-index medication possession ratio = 0.76).
  • This reduction represents a total of 75 unique facility encounters avoided in this cohort (i.e., ~one event was avoided per five treated patients), including 45 inpatient hospital stays (four of which included ICU stays), and 27 emergency department visits.
  • Overall, there were approximately 1,181 fewer claims post-index across the 351 patients, with a corresponding $2,150 projected reduction in healthcare spending for each patient treated with reSET-O (using 2020 CMS fee schedule).
On the record

“These newly shared data reinforce how reSET-O can improve total quality of care while reducing the main healthcare cost drivers in OUD,” said Corey McCann, M.D., Ph.D., President and CEO of Pear Therapeutics. “Real-world patient outcomes support the cost-impact of reSET-O. Payers who are not providing access to the product are sacrificing better outcomes and healthcare savings.”

The full paper is available online from here.

The context

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