Senior Care Is Getting Better with the Introduction of New Technologies

The pandemic was enough for the people in the United States to understand how flawed the senior care system of the country is...

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Covid-19 has changed the way of life for everyone around the world. While the majority of those changes are depressing, the pandemic has also done a few good things for the human race. For instance, it has allowed us to spot the flaws in our senior care system.

Organizations offering Phoenixville personal care services to seniors were quick to understand that the senior care system in the country requires a makeover. This forced them to turn their focus to the introduction of fresh technologies to make life easier for the elderly population. Read on to know more about the change.

Why Having a Comprehensive Senior Care System Is Crucial?

The pandemic was enough for the people in the United States to understand how flawed the senior care system of the country is. What’s worse is that things will not get any better in the future if the concerned authorities don’t take the necessary steps right away.

The number of septuagenarians, octogenarians, and nonagenarians in the country is increasing with every passing day. According to data pulled out recently, the number of US residents above the age of 70 years will reach 70 million by 2030 and will still increase. This will make the elderly care system of the country even more disordered.

The current population of 70+ people in the US is around 50 million. A country that cannot manage the health and wellbeing of 50 million seniors efficiently is unlikely to perform any better if the number increases so rapidly. Experts believe that the only way to manage the situation is by introducing new technologies.

Senior Care Has Become More Data-Driven

One company that is playing a major role in this transformation is Lifesprk. According to most analysts, the company is busy building a model that would be the foundation for all innovations and advancements taking place in the field of senior care.

Lifesprk is primarily looking to prevent any further increase in the cost of elderly healthcare. Unlike traditional medical files, the company is designing healthcare strategies based on some social determinants. These include living conditions, income levels, family ties, food access, social interaction, etc. According to representatives of the company, these social factors often play an equally major or even bigger role in determining a person’s health profile.

Joel Theisen, the CEO of Lifesprk, announced that the company is all set to introduce a technology called ELR or Electronic Life Record. ELR is basically a data set that not only captures all inputs of an individual’s regular medical profile but would also feature thousands of additional inputs. The combination would allow care units to come up with the best possible care solutions for the seniors. What’s more all these would happen without making the seniors pay whopping amounts.


The next decade would witness the introduction of more technologies like the one Theisen and his team at Lifesprk are working on. If the country can implement them efficiently life would become much easier for the aging population.