Yes Health, Gympass team-up to bring digital health prevention platform to employers

Partnership provides Gympass with a CDC-recognized, diabetes prevention, weight loss and concierge health coaching programs for its employer customers.

Yes Health

Yes Health — which is a leading digital health provider focused on weight loss, diabetes prevention and concierge health coaching — is partnering with Gympass, the world’s largest corporate fitness and well-being platform. The deal provides Gympass clients with a CDC-recognized, all-mobile platform that blends technology with a team of dedicated health coaches that helps members with weight loss, diabetes prevention or general well-being support.

Why does it matter?

Yes Health is a lifestyle and behavioral-change system that offers technology tools and personalized coaching in one mobile-based platform aimed at preventing chronic conditions and promoting overall healthy lifestyles through better nutrition, fitness and well-being support. Augmented AI enables the unique in-the-moment coaching engagement system. This means that a team of specialists delivers to the member the right digital therapy at the right time and the right place. Members want their feedback when they make decisions, not after the fact. With no appointments necessary members are able to access coach feedback and in-app resources at their fingertips delivering up to 12 times the learning moments compared to other phone- or video-based coaching programs.

Gympass chose to partner with Yes Health because its easy-to-use platform has been proven to drive high engagement and better health outcomes for users without requiring complex technology or expensive resources. Yes Health is also available to Spanish-speaking users and provides a full suite of tracking features to monitor user progress.

Yes Health has tens of thousands of active users nationwide and provides its platform to dozens of top enterprises, including large health insurers and employers.

On the record

“U.S. employers are facing unprecedented disruption with higher levels of employee stress, anxiety and other health concerns, causing the most innovative employers to recognize that their teams need access to sophisticated digital health tools that can help employees take control of their health,” said Alexander Petrov, founder and CEO of Yes Health. “By adding Yes Health to the Gympass network, members now have a single place on their mobile devices where they can go for quick, easy-to-use and personalized care plans that includes diabetes prevention, nutrition counseling, fitness coaching, sleep, wellbeing support and much more.”

“Our mission is to make wellbeing universal by providing a more engaging and accessible corporate wellbeing platform. With Yes Health’s amazing personalized care plans, we are one step closer to making that a reality for our clients and their employees,” said Rodrigo Silveira, SVP of New Ventures at Gympass.

The context

Recent studies have shown that most U.S. employers are now willing to provide their workforce with digital health tools that can improve health, viewing them as a worthwhile investment. Those that do not are at risk of a less-productive workforce, higher rates of employee stress and more expensive insurance premiums. Reaching a remote workforce, and giving teams access to quick and effective lifestyle management tools, helps get the widest reach with the highest level of engagement. This has only become more relevant with the challenges employers have faced with COVID-19.

The CDC reports that chronic health conditions and unhealthy behaviors significantly reduce worker productivity. Five chronic diseases or risk factors-high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, physical inactivity, and obesity-cost US employers $36.4 billion a year because of employees missing days of work. However, specific to diabetes, the inability to work because of diabetes-related disability cost $37.5 billion in 2017, with absenteeism accounting for $3.3 billion and employee productivity losses costing $27 billion.