Avanlee Care launches an all-in-one elderly care app

The solution gives families peace of mind and care receivers an easy way to socialize with loved ones and overcome loneliness from their smartphones.

Avanlee app

Avanlee Care is on a mission to transform how people care for aging family members through its innovative “all in one” elderly care app called Avanlee. To bring families closer, the app improves how families communicate and manage their care receiver’s health in real-time. Avanlee gives families peace of mind and care receivers an easy, private way to socialize with loved ones and overcome loneliness and isolation (whether permanent or due to the pandemic) all from their smartphone.

How does it work?

Knowing that whole family communications is essential to making the best elderly care decisions, Avanlee allows family members to get up to speed within minutes, and helps families share, track health and engage in the care of their elders, no matter how far away they live. It’s simple to use with four easy to navigate pages in an advertising-free, safe and end-to-end encrypted private platform. Avanlee Care’s founder faced the need to provide elderly care herself and designed it for families who have been searching for a total care solution not available until now.

Avanlee ensures connections and communications aren’t lost due to distance or distraction, and facilitates total care coordination via:

  • Family social channel for messages, pictures and videos
  • Video/voice calling
  • Scheduling medications and physician visits
  • Real-time health biometrics
  • Automatic notifications

As such the solution offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Private Family Connection: Closed, secure network
  • Health Monitoring: Seamless integration and real-time tracking with Google Fit, HealthKit and Apple Watch
  • Ease of Use: 10-minute set up with easy administration and live support
  • Triggered Alerts: Notifications inform families of appointments and medical reminders
  • No Ads or Telemarketing: Secure and private
  • HIPAA Compliant: Fully encrypted; no secondary/third-party data use or sharing

Avanlee is available for free download via App Store and Google Play, offering two subscription options: Essential ($9.99) and Premium ($12.99).

On the record

“My grandfather fell ill when I was young and I spent years watching my family struggle to keep each other on top of his care,” said Avanlee Christine, founder/CEO, Avanlee Care. “That experience showed me there had to be a better way to keep families connected and provide the best care possible, especially with today’s advancements in technology. Since caring for my grandmother, I had to do something that would harness the technology we rely on to run our own lives to change how we care for those we love the most.”

“Our mission to help families provide better remote support for relatives who are aging at home was a critical unmet need made more challenging by the pandemic,” said Chris Steel, Chief Operating Officer, Avanlee Care. “This reality compelled me to invest in and become part of a phenomenal team that shares the same commitment for providing the best care for our aging loved ones.”

The context

Approximately 54 million Americans are 65+, comprising 20% of the total U.S. population. What’s more, by 2030 this number will reach 72 million. In dollar terms, the U.S. home care market is expected to grow to $225 billion by 2024.