Zepp Health unveils a new chip for wearables, smartwatch OS and blood pressure measurement tech

The Huangshan 2s smart wearable chip is set to become one of the key smart wearable chips for the company's third generation of Amazfit smartwatches.

Zepp Health OS

Zepp Health announced the company’s new generation of smart wearable chip Huangshan 2s, offering substantial performance increases from Huangshan 2 — which was introduced a year ago. Compared to its predecessor, the Huangshan 2s reduces operating power consumption by 56% and dormant power consumption by 93% and improved graphics performance by 67%.

How does it work?

Huangshan 2s is the first wearable AI processor that employs a dual-core RISC-V instruction set architecture. The company has developed a wearable chip that so well balances function, performance and power consumption. It will continue to be a significant differentiator in performance that consumers will experience from the company’s smart health products.

The Huangshan 2s smart wearable chip is set to become one of the key smart wearable chips for the company’s third generation of Amazfit smart watches.

As for the new smartwatch OS, it’s called Zepp OS and is also dubbed the core of an open health management platform. The platform combines the lightweight Mini Program and Cloud concept, and is also designed with an emphasis on health, user experience, and privacy protection with three key characteristics: being light, smooth and practical.

At 55MB, the new Zepp OS is one-tenth the size of the company’s previous Amazfit OS and it is one twenty-eighth the size of Apple WatchOS 8. Operating power consumption of Zepp OS is 65% lower than the previous Amazfit OS while one comparison test generated a 190% increase in endurance in one of the company’s smartwatches. The new Zepp OS also includes many streamlined dynamic visual effects to maximize the user experience.

What may be even more important for Zepp and Amazfit users is that the company is opening the Mini Program framework for developers to create new apps that leverage the high-quality data and intelligence from the company’s proprietary biosensor array and AI chip.

Zepp OS supports 4G/5G modules and integrates TCP/IP network protocols to allow the smartwatch to be connected directly to the cloud without a smartphone. The platform supports internet cloud service applications for music, voice commands and fitness, such as NetEase Music, Spotify, Alexa, Joyrun or Strava.

Finally, Zepp Health also introduced PumpBeats, a 30-second, non-invasive and sleeveless blood pressure measurement system on Amazfit smart watches.

Based on five years of technical research and employing the company’s proprietary Huangshan AI chip and biosensor array, the Zepp Health PumpBeats algorithm is able to measure blood pressure through the watch’s optical sensors. Clinical testing of hypertensive patients at the First Hospital of Peking University found deviations in PumpBeats measurements of less than 5.14mmHg in Systolic and less than 4.88mmHg in Diastolic pressure.

On the record

“We envision the Zepp OS to be an OS comprised of thousands of developers with tens of thousands of mini smart watch applications that form an ecosystem to help our users to better manage their health and enjoy better lives. The difficulty of developing such a comprehensive smart watch OS focused on health management from the ground up is definitely as difficult as developing a new chip,” said Chief Executive Officer Wang Huang.


The Zepp OS will be officially launched in Q4 2021 and it will become an open health management platform that will allow thousands of developers to participate and to create a global open health ecosystem for smart wearable users.

As for blood pressure measurements, it is expected to be available in Amazfit products in Q4 2021. Additionally, continuous blood pressure monitoring is under development.