Apple cutting back its internal health app?

The original idea was to expand the app to consumers once it was proven to be working for the iPhone maker's employees.

Apple Health app

Apple is reportedly scaling back HealthHabit, which is an internal app the company’s employees could use to track fitness, talk to clinicians and manage hypertension.

According to Insider, more than 50 people are working on the app, which has apparently failed to catch the interest even of other Apple employees.

The app was described as the biggest project to come from AC Wellness, the primary care group that works with Apple employees. However, it could prove as a “setback for Apple’s healthcare ambitions.”

Employees that spoke to Insider said HealthHabit could have been available for consumers if it had been a success internally. Alas, that hasn’t happened and we’ll have to wait for another Apple initiative to catch the workplace wellness space.

Said sector is a lucrative one and fast-growing, with an increasing number of employers offering mobile-enabled services to their employees — nudging them to exercise more, stop smoking or just to access healthcare services while on the go.

According to a survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation, in 2019 – 84% of employers with 200 or more workers that provided health benefits also offered a workplace wellness program.