PreciseMDX unveils an end-to-end digital health platform to automate and simplify diagnostic testing experience

The platform aims to transform connectivity between clinical labs, providers, and patients, creating a testing ecosystem as a result.


Digital health platform PreciseMDX introduced a cloud-based solution that automates and simplifies the diagnostic testing experience, empowering labs to deliver a transformative journey to providers and patients. PreciseMDX dramatically improves connectivity between clinical labs, providers, and patients during every step of the diagnostic testing process for any type of test.

Why does it matter?

Dubbed the first-of-its-kind platform, it enables labs of any size to quickly and seamlessly set up rapidly scalable, personalized, digital experiences that providers and patients expect in this post-pandemic era where consumer adoption of virtual care has skyrocketed. The unexpected volume of COVID-19 testing has exposed the costs and risks associated with manual data management. PreciseMDX replaces manual data entry with an automated flexible end-to-end solution that works seamlessly with any LIS or LIMS, allowing labs to scale their business and streamline workflow, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

The solution is designed to eliminate complexity for all users — from scheduling and check-in to coordinating on-site or at-home testing to results notification and reporting. Labs receive step-by-step user onboarding, and easily customizable test orders management software — all from the cloud, allowing for deployment in days, not weeks or months.

PreciseMDX supports any type of diagnostic test, including: women’s & men’s health (fertility, prenatal, cancer, testosterone), sexual health (STIs, HPV, UTI), wellness/nutrition (nutrition DNA kit, food allergy/intolerances), COVID-19 testing, respiratory, nail fungal wound panels, and vaccines.

On the record

“The scramble to ramp up testing during COVID-19, exposed a need in the healthcare industry for an automated diagnostic testing experience so that labs can scale rapidly, patients can have control over the process and receive results quickly, and providers can treat patients quicker with a faster, more connected system,” says Mark Dorner, co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of PreciseMDX. “We saw this need and created a technology to completely transform the diagnostic testing experience to one that is automated, simple, and user friendly. Today, this is what patients expect.”

“PreciseMDX’s highly intuitive solution bridged the connectivity gap from clinical lab operations to the patient journey, allowing for 10% topline savings on order entries alone,” says David White, co-Founder & CEO of Innovative Health Diagnostics.

The context

PreciseMDX was designed and built following the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) security framework to support HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR, and other international standards. The software is multi-lingual and can seamlessly integrate with multiple systems and third parties, including EPIC and other hospital EMRs, lab information systems, fulfillment companies, billing platforms, as well as airport, civil and government systems.

Founded in 2020, the company works with customers worldwide including the United States, Switzerland and Canada.