Lyra Health unveils new solutions for alcohol use disorder and other mental illnesses

New offerings build on Lyra's support for complex mental health issues, delivering a comprehensive suite of mental health care benefits for employees and families.

Lyra Health

Mental health service provider Lyra Health announced the first technology-integrated care solutions designed to address serious mental health issues such as alcohol use disorder (AUD), suicidality, and other complex mental health diagnoses.

The new offerings

The following offerings will be available at the beginning of 2022:

Lyra Reset: A New Treatment Program for Alcohol Use Disorder
Lyra Reset is a comprehensive treatment program that helps people reduce drinking or attain sobriety. Lyra Reset addresses problematic alcohol use through virtual therapy, group sessions, ongoing symptom assessments, peer recovery support specialists to help members stay on track, digital lessons that teach coping skills, and medication to fight cravings. AUD often occurs alongside other mental illnesses, with 50% of AUD patients also suffering from other psychiatric disorders, so Lyra Reset includes coordinated treatment for multiple issues. Lyra Reset also includes resources and care for the entire family-an important component of durable recovery. Because it is delivered through Lyra’s comprehensive Blended Care virtual platform, Lyra Reset can be accessed from the privacy of members’ homes, helping reduce the impact of stigma.

Lyra Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Suicidality
Lyra’s Blended Care Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for Suicidality is a specialized program that helps members decrease suicidal thoughts and behaviors. DBT is considered the gold standard for treatment for individuals with moderate to high suicidality. Lyra DBT combines one-on-one virtual therapy sessions with therapist-prescribed skill-building lessons through Lyra’s Blended Care platform to help individuals recover quickly and effectively. Members receive flexible, ongoing support through weekly group skills training and access to 24/7 crisis support from a DBT-trained support team.

Lyra Concierge Simplifies Complex Care Needs
Finding care for complex mental health needs can be among the most difficult experiences for people and families due to the exhaustive process to evaluate and manage higher levels of care. Lyra Concierge provides personalized support for children, adolescents, and adults who need help accessing specialized mental health support. Lyra is today introducing new services to provide personalized support for people who need care through intensive outpatient and rehabilitation facilities. Lyra clinicians will apply their expertise to identify resources that address members’ unique needs, health insurance, and location. As with all of Lyra’s offerings, Lyra will only recommend facilities that deliver evidence-based care. Lyra will also provide coordinated care following discharge to seamlessly manage evolving mental health needs. Lyra additionally provides clinical leave evaluations should short-term disability for mental health be required.

On the record

“Individuals facing serious mental illnesses and substance use disorders have less access to care and resources than those with mild mental health issues,” said Dr. Connie Chen, chief operating officer at Lyra Health. “Our newest AUD and other complex care offerings build on our existing specialty solutions to close a critical gap in mental health care, supporting a population that has historically been underserved due to the complexity and cost of care required to drive meaningful improvement. Lyra is proud to offer effective care options to leading employers dedicated to supporting their people and their families, regardless of where they are on the mental health spectrum.”

The context

As of 2019, the National Institute for Mental Health estimated there were more than 13 million Americans with serious mental illness, and 15 million with AUD. During the pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found nearly 11% of adults seriously considered suicide. Traditional employee assistance programs and health plans too often don’t effectively support people with serious mental illnesses and substance use disorders in accessing the help they need. Lyra’s new offerings add to its existing complex care options and specialist network, making it even easier for employers to offer effective, evidence-based care to employees and their families through Lyra’s comprehensive mental health platform.