Tonal unveils a new interactive workout experience

Called Tonal Live, it is a new workout format that brings together the power of personalized strength training with an engaging studio experience.


Tonal, which dubs itself the smartest home gym, announced its latest offering – Tonal Live, a new workout format that brings together the power of personalized strength training with an engaging studio experience that fosters community among members with new social features and real-time coaching.

Why does it matter?

Tonal Live will expand upon the existing personalized coaching experience with real-time community classes calibrated specifically for each member, bringing the social element of a workout class to the home. Features include:

  • A redesigned Tonal Homescreen and mobile app that allows for the discovery and a schedule of Live workouts, an on-demand library of past Live workouts, and the ability to preview the movements in a workout.
  • A Social Zone where members can interact directly with each other and see a spotlight of member’s activities as they achieve PRs and milestones.
  • Real-time coaching and interaction that includes pacing cues, verbal form feedback and shoutouts from the coaches leading the workout.

As part of the Tonal Live experience, Tonal has introduced four new coaches: Coach Brendon, Coach Nikki, Coach Trace, and Coach Woody. Tonal Live workouts will begin streaming on October 20th, 2021. After 24 hours, Live classes will also be added to Tonal’s growing on-demand library, which includes thousands of existing personalized workouts — from strength training to HIIT, yoga, bootcamp, barre, and more — for beginners to professional athletes. Tonal Live is one of the many investments the company is making in further innovating its content and product initiatives.

The company is also announcing the hire of Werner Brell as Chief Experience Officer, who will lead a team that bridges the many aspects of the Tonal product experience including Product Management & Design, Content, and Performance Innovation. Brell joins Tonal with over 20 years of experience in developing strategies, products, and content in sports and media, including seven years at MTV and almost a decade at Red Bull Media House.

On the record

“Tonal has always been unique in the way that we’ve approached our workout content with adaptive weights, individualized pacing, and form feedback that are customized to our members in real-time,” said Aly Orady, Founder and CEO of Tonal. “As our community has grown over the past few years, we’ve been encouraged by the organic social engagement, the craving for more interaction with our coaches, and the excitement that comes from reaching new milestones; Tonal Live will allow us to connect these elements through a studio experience while retaining the foundation of what differentiates our workouts: personalization, guidance, and feedback.”

“The team has done a tremendous job of creating a product and content experience that is unparalleled in the market, especially with the launch of Tonal Live,” said Werner Brell, Chief Experience Officer. “I’m excited to expand upon what’s already been built while creating a new vision of the many ways the Tonal product and content experience can excite new audiences and bring added value and increased motivation into our member’s lives.”

The context

Tonal’s secret is in combining revolutionary, connected equipment leveraging digital weight with the most advanced AI training available. Unlike other products that rely on traditional dumbbells and barbells, Tonal is moving the industry forward with intelligent fitness through adaptive resistance technology that learns from the user for a more personalized and more effective full-body workout. As its product and member base continues to evolve, Tonal recognizes that motivation comes in different forms, and as such, is excited to introduce a new workout experience for those motivated by the social aspect of exercising with others.