ObvioHealth launches next-gen outcomes capture and assessment platform to advance data accuracy in decentralized clinical trials

The new platform enables the capture and rating of more precise, real-time data for decentralized clinical trials.

Augmented ePRO

Global Virtual Research Organization (VRO) ObvioHealth announced the launch of Augmented ePRO, a first-of-its-kind offer in tech-enabled clinical trial service that combines AI-assisted ePRO instruments with a centralized clinical rating platform to deliver more accurate, standardized study outcomes.

How does it work?

Designed to address the subjectivity and variability that are characteristic of ePRO (electronic patient reported outcomes), this multi-pronged tool enables clinical trial participants to record source data-photos, audio, or video-in real time and upload it using the ObvioHealth app. Once the media is uploaded to the platform, each outcome is assessed and scored by a clinician and/or expert rater. Throughout the process, the COACH (Clinical Oversight And Coordination Hub) virtual site team, provides virtual support to both participants and raters, ensuring quality control from start to finish.

By leveraging the ease of ePRO, along with a centralized workflow for optimized expert ratings, Augmented ePRO offers clear benefits for all DCT stakeholders:

  • Patients are empowered with accessible image, audio, and video capture instruments that report richer, higher quality data with significantly less effort.
  • Expert Clinicians have access to an intuitive interface, organized workflows, and built-in quality controls that enable them to provide ratings more efficiently with less variability.
  • Sponsors get more reliable, real-time and accurate outcomes-facilitating accelerated product development, approval, and market entry

While facilitating more accurate endpoints today, the platform also contains features that can contribute to the novel outcomes of tomorrow. The clinical notes, or annotation, feature within Augmented ePRO allows clinicians to detail why a rating was determined. These notes can serve over time to program automatic ratings.

On the record

“Both patients and expert clinical raters will benefit from this AI-assisted tech platform throughout the data collection and assessment processes,” said Ivan Jarry, co-founder and CEO of ObvioHealth. “But, with an eye towards the future, the annotation feature is especially useful, allowing clinicians to easily capture nuances in patient ratings that can be used to train AI algorithms and lead to even better clinical rating processes in the future.”